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First Source in Drill Tools, Fabrication, Repair, and Design

Copeland Supply has over 35 years experience providing the very best drill pipe and accessories for the mining, oil/gas, water well, and foundation drilling industries. Our complete machine and repair shop services provide custom fabrication and fast turn-around times to meet all your drilling needs. 


Because Copeland Supply is known as the quality provider in the west, we currently supply drill pipe, blast hole drill pipe, and drilling components to some of the largest mines in the world. 

Meet The Team

Trevor Gilliam

Shop Manager

Born from the chips of a CNC machine. The Legend that is Trevor instills passion and quality machining into each member of the Copeland team.



Kyle Bartels

Project Manager

Mountain man at heart, Engineer by profession.  Kyle is like no other Engineer we have ever met, we actually understand the words that come out of his mouth. 



Kurt Anderson


Commited to providing satisfaction on every level. Kurt is the glue that connects the company to itself and its customers. He always has a strong desire to see excellence achieved in and out of the workplace.



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