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BESTOLIFE Copr 99 Pumpable: is a pumpable lead-free, zinc-free thread compound for rotary shouldered connections. It provides galling and seizing protection and support for high bearing stress. It applies easily in a wide range of temperatures and conditions, resists washout, and will not harden or bleed excessively in storage.

Economical copper/PTFE pumpable compound for rotary-shouldered connections. Recommended for all drilling applications (rotary shouldered connections).


Color: Copper
Penetration: 340-370 (ASTM D-217)
Weight/Gallon: 9.9 pounds/gallon
Dropping Point: ≥350°F/≥177°C (typ)
Flash Point: >430°F/>220°C (min)
Brushable To: 0°F/-18°C
Friction Factor: 1.0 (per API RP 7A1)*
Contains: Copper, amorphous and synthetic graphite and proprietary additive package

BestoLife Copr 99 Pumpable


BESTOLIFE Copper Rock: is a lead-free, zinc-free thread compound for rock drill steel joints, couplings, and bits. It provides galling and seizing resistance and surface-active extreme pressure protection.

Non-lead rock drill thread compound. Recommended for coal drilling, percussion rock drilling, blast hole drilling, all rotary joints, road construction, logging, mining, pneumatic drilling and track drills.


Color: Copper
Penetration: 275-295 (ASTM D 217)
Weight/Gallon: 10.9 pounds/gallon
Dropping Point: ≥500°F/≥260°C (typ)
Flash Point: >399.2°F/>204°C (min)
Brushable To: 15°F/-9°C
Contains: Copper, graphite and other nonmetallic additives

BestoLife Copper Rock


Wiping Rubber: This natural rubber has excellent physical properties, like tensile strength, extreme abrasion resistance, and elongation. As well has good resistance to most inorganic chemicals. They are flexible and will expand and contract with thermal variations of the metal substrate.

These Wiping Rubbers are ideal for removing debris from Drill Pipe and DTH Tools. Shapes and sizes are easly customizable to your rigs specific needs.


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