Hole Openers

Hole Openers:

  • 3 Cone Hole Opener.

  • 4 Cone Hole Opener.

  • 5 Cone Hole Opener.

  • 5 Cone Steel Tooth Hole Opener

  • Drag Bit Hole Opener.

  • TCI Washover Bit

  • Customized Back Reamer 

  • TCI Hole Opener with Pilot

  • Available in a variety bit sizes and styles

PDC Hole Openers:

​​PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) cutters are continually evolving to meet harder formations. Best used in soft to medium-hard formations. Along with the PDC cutters the tungsten carbide hardfacing prolongs bit life. PDC Hole Openers can be customized with any size connections and any number of blades