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Tricone Bits

Completion Tricone Bits:

  • RMB TR51: Soft to Medium Formations.

  • RMB TR53: Medium Soft Formations.

  • RMB TR61: Medium Formations with harder streaks.

  • RMB TR63: Medium Hard Formations.

  • RMB TR64: Medium Hard to Hard Formations.

  • RMB TR74: Hard Formations

  • Reverse Circulation Bits and Sealed Roller Bearing Bits

  • Available in a variety bit sizes and styles & can be jetted or skirted to suit specific applications.

New TCI Sealed Journal Bearing Tricone Bits:

​​Floating bushings provide excellent durability and wear resistance. The bushing is made out of special material that is highly resistant to heat and surface damage. TCI bits maximize the use of both conical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts, for soft to hard formations.

New Steel Tooth Tricone Bits:

​​Milled Tooth bits are available for all formations, and in all sizes. Tooth spacing and length vary depending on application.

Re-run & Re-tip Tricone Bits:

Each bit is hand selected and inspected by highly trained technicians, then put through a step by step rebuild process. This ensures quality, durability, and strength on each bit.

Customized Reverse Circulation Tricone Bits:

Designed for soft to medium formations, with fast penetration rates and durability. Center hole features the maximum diameter possible for superior hole cleaning and cuttings retrieval.

TCI - Jet Air Blast Tricone Bits:

Tungsten Carbide Insert - Jet Air Blast Circulation for Blast Hole and Water Well Drilling. Air passages supply air to the bearings for cooling, cleaning and lubricating of the bearing. 

TCI - Dual Wall Reverse Air Bits:

Dual Wall Reverse Air Machined and Skirted for Reverse Circulation.

Bits can be customized to fit your application.

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